A Dream Come True
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Released: December 8, 2012
Length: 2h 24min
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Whoa! This, folks, just may be the most ambitious Cuban project in recent memory. Nearly 2-1/2 hours of relentless sabor Cubano. Here's a list of the participating singers:

Adalberto Álvarez
Alexander Abréu
Eduardo Morales "Tiburón"
Eliades Ochoa
Haila Hompié
Issac Delgado
Laritza Bacallao
Mayito Rivera
Oscar Valdés
Paulito FG
Pedrito Calvo
Tania Pantoja
Vannia Borges
Xiomara Laugart

The “Cubana All Stars”, the most significant Cuban Orchestra to form in the last decade, comprised of an ensemble of 40 of Cuba’s elite recording artists, have just released their debut album "A Dream Come True" through Viva Combo Music.
“A Dream Come True” was recorded in EGREM Studio's 18 Playa in Havana Cuba. For the first time in 50 years, with the support of Musicalia and the Cultural Ministry, Cuban musicians and artists from around the world New York (Alfredo "Chocolate" Armenteros, Justo Betancourt, Xiomara Laugart), Miami (Dennis Savón "Papacho”), México (Rafael Morales "Rafa”), Spain (Juan Munguia-Cubas, Alaín Pérez) and Puerto Rico (Issac Delgado) were authorized to return to Havana Cuba and record with the Cuban virtuosos living in Cuba for this dream Viva Combo Music production. As Grammy award winning artist Eliades Ochoa said "This is a dream come true for all Cubans”, this is "A Dream Come True".
Recorded entirely in Havana Cuba, History was made! For never before have so many talented Cuban virtuosos united to produce a single project of this magnitude as a single Cuban Orchestra.

The first single release, Prepárate Pa’ Lo Que Traigo, (English translation "Get Ready for what I’m bringing”) was written by Adalberto Álvarez a founder of Son 14 and one of the most influential figures in the history of Cuban Music, arranged by Maestro Joaquin Betancourt-Jackman a prolific Cuban arranger for the last decade, and produced by Richie Viera renowned producer and music historian & biographer and executive producer Ralph Cartagena producer of hits for El Gran Combo De Puerto Rico, Johnny Ventura, Puerto Rico All Stars, and countless others for the past 43 years via Combo Records.
Prepárate Pa’ lo Traigo is a masterful battle of words between 3 generations of Cuban musicians and artists "Yo vengo echando candela y tu le temes al fuego (I'm coming with flames and you are afraid of fire) with a contagious chorus "No me vengas con alarde escucha bien lo que digo que todo lo que tu haces hoy, tu lo aprendistes conmigo " (Don't come to me showing off listen well to what I saying, that all that you do, you learned from me).
Two versions were produced, seven different singers on each version in order to give all artists an opportunity to interpret their inspirations. The first version edited for radio includes renowned singers Issac Delgado, Eliades Ochoa, Paulito FG, Eduardo "Tiburón" Morales, Haila Mompié, Alexander Abréu and Mayito Rivera. Version 2 is sung by Adalberto Álvarez, Laritza Bacallao, Oscar Valdés, Robertón, Tania Pantoja, Vannia Borges and Xiomara Laugart.
Xiomara (5:22)
Xiomara (5:22)
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