Produced by Salsa Son Timba Producciones, the popular Salsa With Sounds of the 70’s series now totals 19 volumes…

Salsa with Sounds of The 70’s is a selection that seeks to collect some of the great tunes performed by the orchestras of the 70’s. Some guaguancó, boogaloo, mambo, guajiras, pachanga and more from the golden age of salsa in New York, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Colombia, Panama and other countries, from the perspective of Dj Hecu.
elWatusi is by far the most exciting Latin music provider on the web, or anywhere for that matter, and have been making available some really exciting new releases since the beginning of the year. In fact, many of these albums are so hot that this dj needs to Double Dip off several of these smoking hot albums. I’ve also sprinkled in some long time favorites, ‘Para Dale Sabor’!
I’ve chosen Carlos Cascante y su Tumbao ‘Hablando En Serio’ first, with an amazing hot, jazzed up, ‘Maria Esther’ featuring the ubiquitous, but never the less amazing, timbalero Luisito Quintero (Venezuelan) and my favorite rendition of the Celia Cruz anthem ‘Usted Abuso’.
Another Venezuelan and long time favorite isnFrank ‘El Pavo’ Hernandez y Su Orquesta, whom I’ve been listening to for quite some time. Featured here are two big band sound hits, the swinging ‘Caballo Viejo’ and retro sounding ‘Broadway Cha Cha’ a jazz infused, Cha Cha that will make you wanna move!!
DJ Dave and wish all of our friends a warm Seasons Greetings this holiday, and a music filled 2012 as well. Here's a fine selection of classic Salsa Navideña, culled from the vaults of the elWatusi Download Control Center. A nice exclamation mark is the addition of Patato's "Felice Navidad." Enjoy the chart!
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Another seemingly incongruous selection of tender audio morsels brought to you by elWatusi Central. This idea is to give you a sense of how deep and diverse our offerings are, and the hope that you will try a taste of things that you might not normally gravitate to. Lake a listen and perhaps you will discover some music to enjoy for the new year. - elW
"Oye mi elWatusi peoplez... it's been a long time, but here it is: EricB's 1st playlist from Holland! In these last months an incredible amount of rare Latin Music has been hitting the cyber streets. The quality is improving, as witnessed right here on elWatusi, with many songs now being available as Flac files! Great news overall for music lovers! So, I thought it would be nice to offer you a new selection of some bangin' tracks by yours truly! On this playlist you'll find Mambo, ChaCha, Charanga, Pachanga, Son Montuno, Guaguanco, Guaracha and Guajira, and even more: all styles represented are what we call Salsa today.
Once again I hope you'll enjoy contemporary Salsa tracks like Bobo tu te quedaras by New Swing Sextet, and the version of Pintame los Labios by Jimmie Morales. And make sure you check out the great track La Ambicion by the Pacific Mambo Orchestra and the great trombone sound on Preguntale by Grupo Arcano!.
Timba is here to stay, enjoy tracks by bands like Timbalive (I just got to witness them perform live in Amsterdam recently ...AGUAAA!!!), Manolito Simonet y su Trabuco, and an absolutely smoking track Sobre una tumba una rumba by Rumba All Stars featuring Haila.
Also find a great version of Lágrimas Negras by Septeto Santiaguero featuring Ruben Blades. For classic stuff, listen to oldies like Cambia el Paso by El Ciego Maraviloso, Arsenio Rodríguez, as well as Pete Terrace. Of Course salsa from Latin America is not left out! Enjoy tracks by Alfredito Linares, Sexteto Juventud and the banger Mi Bomba Sono by La Banda y Su Salsa Joven.
Closing out with some great old skool salsa dura: there's a guajira by the wild woman of salsa, La Lupe and some bangers by Mario Ortiz and Joey Patrana which are are hard hitters. There's plenty more of that good stuff by artist like Orquesta Love, Orquesta Colon and Heriberto Y Su Saoco... WEPPPAAA!!
So... Let's get this Party started! Salsaludos" - DJ EricB
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I I call this El Watusi playlist Down by the Pound for all the heavy weight included here. No shake or fluff here, just pure swing from the gitty up! Check the count, Edgard Nevarez y La Tropica, Willie Rosario, Jimmy Urbina and Ralph Santi with a with a smoker entitled Tiempo De Ayer that has that slow burn factor, warms up and burst into a hot flame with the coro break!!
We add gas to the flames in a major way with the Cuban groove El Son de La Madrugada featuring Issac Delgado on vocals off the amazingly hot new El Watusi featured album by the Cubana All Stars.
This New York City boy would be remiss if I didn’t have a tribute to the Latin jazz of my youth and so there is a shout out to Bobby Valentine, Snow Boy, Ricky Gonzalez, and Wilson Acevedo.
No tribute to Latin jazz would be complete without a passing nod to the man who help start it all, the late and amazingly tuned in Symphony Sid. Chico Alvarez salutes both Sid and many of the salsa greats on this hip and jive-jumping tune
To cool things down I’ve thrown in a meditative piece by Tito Puente from his Bossa Nova infused Brazilville album called Meditation and a romantic classic by Johnny Ray for all our English speaking salsero’s entitled You’ll never find.
Those of you who follow this Dj already know I need to include a Venezuelan tribute to all the masterful salsa hero’s down South of the border ...and who better then La Negramenta, Rumberos del Callejon, and a bit further South with Salsa Sudada.
Enjoy y Que Dios Te Tenga En la Rumba, - Dj Bosco
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"Oye mi Watusi peoplez... Summer is here and you know what that means!... we need some more good Música!
Instead of the usual mix of vintage and contemporaray music, this time I decided to focus on Salsa Dura from (mainly) the 70's at a time when the so-called Salsa Boom reached it's peak.
In the list below you'll find many of the hard-hitting orchestrations of that era, so once again ... I hope you like it
Que Viva la Salsa Dura - Dj EricB
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People often ask me what was the best part of having been part of the 60’s NYC and the Golden Age of Salsa. I share about being in the same street gang as Joe Bataan, my sister having dated Johnny Colon, going to High School with Jerry and Andy Gonzalez and on and on….But the best part of all is (having been a great dancer in my day) understanding what dancers want.
So, this list is all about rhythm, dance groves and arrangements that make you move.
A few callouts from the Elwatusi new releases side of this collection, first to Juan Pablo Barrios who’s ‘Godin Guidon’ from about six years ago is still a total hip shaker (and sadly overlooked by Dj’s) to a few of his latest Elwatusi additions ‘Maina Funche’ & ‘Pa Que Lo Gocen Todos’.
Next, a shout out to Ray Viera Y Trombao with a killer mambo ‘Los Hermanos Del Sabor’ which has Sabor written all over it, as it's a nonstop dance floor heavy hit.
Alfredo De La Fe’s new release ‘Sin Limites’ is an all hit wonder, but my choice for this mid- summers groove it’s ‘Pachanga Changa’ and its unstoppable!!
Just two more mentions on elWatusi’s recent release’s ‘Vicente Y Barnabe’ by Conjunto Sabrosura and ‘La Salsa De Nueva’ by Victor Hugo are destined to become huge summer dance floor hits!!
Also added to the list a Boricua Legends redo of the classic son montuno ‘Rompe Saraguey’ featuring the beautiful stylist pianist ‘Pulpo’ with a lovely solo and Mulenze cover of ‘Demuestrame Que to Sabes’ featuring one of my all time favorite voices Rafael (Ito) Andino.
In the retro corner, classic Ismael Rivera con Kako with ‘La Cumbita’ and Orlando Marin with ‘Aprende a Querer’ and a major dance floor hit by Richie Ray & Bobby Cruz ‘Quim Bon Bori’ which has some amazing dance floor breaks!
And last, but certainly not least, a little tongue and cheek swing by my good friend Gerardo Rosales in his ‘Merezco Un Grammy’. - Dj Bosco

Dj bosco will be the featured Dj at the first Cape Town, South Africa Salsa Congress 2013
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The Holiday Season is upon us and the time is here to make a Musical Wish list, so I prepared a nice batch of mixed goodies for you all. Classics, Old Skool, New Skool, Timba, Mambo, Guaguanco... you name it, it's in there!
There's a kind of a revival is Salsa Dura going on, so these last few month some really nice albums's came out that are making a big impact on the scene: Contemporary groups like La Maxima 79, Orquesta SCC (formely la Excelencia), Melaza and Orquesta Magia Caribeña have just released some great albums. And make sure you check the absolutly wicked track by the group La Mecánica Popular La Paz Del Freak ... very refreshing! Also, some Bands from back in the day are reuniting, so make sure you also check out the tracks by Conjunto Impacto and Orquesta Narvaez!
I put some vintage stuff in here by El Boy y su Combo and Carlos Muñoz y su Sonora and Nilo Espinosa y su Orquesta and, of course, some classic bangers like Sal y Agua by La Banda de los Felinos, Triste Realidad by Nelson Feliano and Aprende a Bailar by Pete Rodríguez and His Orchestra, to name just a few.
There's some Timba by Angel Bonne and Timbalive. Colombia esta Presente!, too, so check the great tracks by Grupo Niche and Piper Pimiento. Of course I have to also represent La Salsa Buena de Holanda (and Venezuela), so make sure you listen to the Great tracks Marco Toro and su Ensemble and Gerardo Rosales and his Afro Cuban Jazz Quintet.
Enjoy and have a Great holiday Season con Mucha Salsa - Dj EricB
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"Escaping New York’s Concrete Jungle with tunes from Spanish Harlem and Puerto Rico..."
DJ Dave is back with a gem-like playlist of tasty Fania tracks which make for the perfect summer soundtrack. Incuded are luminaries like Santos Colón, Pete "El Conde" Rodriguez, Bobby Valentin, Jimmy Sabater, Charlie Palmieri and many others. Download the complete set, pop them into your iPod and you are set to float down the street on a wave of saborrrrr.
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DJ Chino is back with a monster 50 track playlist that features some amazing performances from contemporary artists. If you were expecting old school material, vintage gems and Fania, look elsewhere. This chart is made up of mostly recent productions, with participants including Williamsburg Salsa Orchestra, Mongorama, Ray Lugo & The Boogaloo Destroyers, Frankie Morales, Willy Torres, La Negramenta and more... "Here I wanted to concentrate and the new stuff ...not classic. Here I offer new Salsa from around the World." - El Chino
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Germany's DJ Dave is back with a superb playlist of salsa from the famed West Side label. Featured tracks are smokers from Revolución 70, La Crema, Willie Rosario, Louie Ramirez, Kako, La Unica, Ismael Quintana and much more. Take a listen...
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Ok, now that New Year clatter has subsided, and the dust has settled on all of those other "Best Of 2012" lists, we thought we'd pipe in with our own two-cents worth. Sit back and sample the thirty gems chosen from a mountain of audio terrabytes that tried to pass through the gates of elWatusi this past year. Congratulations to this year's winners. And now, without further adeu, here's the real Best of 2012...

(Note: If you want to view this listing with reviews, check our blog posting)
DJ Dave is back with a concise and essential NYCentric salsa chart that you will fall in love with. Chino Nuñez, Jimmy Bosch, Spanish Harlem Orchestra, Imagen, Sonido Criminal and a handful more of premium music makers are featured. Per Dave, this is "Contemporary Salsa para el NúSchool Salsero that loves the New York City Old School Mambo Swing ...the Big Apple Flavor!"
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2011 was a fertile year for digital Latin releases. With projects ranging from the Santiago All Stars (Chile) to La Cali Charanga (Colombia) to Gregorio Laza Cordovi (Cuba) and the Williamsburg Salsa Orchestra (Brooklyn, NY), it would be hard to contest that tropical Afro-Latin music has become decentralized. Furthermore, with professional level recording tools now available on your laptop and even your Ipads, the whole process has become more democratic than ever. So, while the f@#ked up economy might have killed off some great live music venues, it has, at the same time, fed the emergence of high-caliber independent projects that might not have seen the light of day even just a few years ago. And now, via digital resources like, it is much easier to assemble charts and playlists with a simple click and drag. And although everyone can now play "deejay," we take much pride in promoting playlists by pros who take the task very seriously. So, let's give thanks to our DJ friends out there! Selectors like DJ Dave (Germany), DJ El Chino (Colombia) and DJ Eric B (USA) have made a great music year even better. Without further ado, and in no particular order, here are some of our favorite albums this past year. Enjoy - elW
I call this El Watusi playlist Salsa con Yambu y Bembe and it’s an eclectic bag of ‘Swing’ which includes New York grit from back in the day by the likes of Ray Santiago as well as Johnny Pacheco on Noche Buena from his Flute and Latin Jam album which features a who’s who of salsa legends like Monguito on vocals, Barry Rogers on Trombone, Chombo Silva on sax, Chocolate Armenteros on trumpet and Pupi Legarreta on violin ...c’mon!!!
Also included are some recent NYC style grooves by Mongorama featuring Poncho Sanchez and Oscar Hernandez as well as the ever-talented Michael Stuart who is quickly becoming one of this Dj’s contemporary favorites.
Then we head South of the border with the likes of Santiago All-Stars, Rene Rodriquez and his infectious Estamos En Clave, which doesn’t miss a beat, and the very talented Oscar Ledezma Y Los Okanais’s salsa tribute to Santeria Shango Y Santa Barbara - a tune which can certainly heal your soul it’s so smoking hot, as well as a distinctive bachata with catchy phrasing and distinct melody by Sergio Vargas, Que Hare.
I had to throw in a little Jesus Cepeda Y Su Grupo ABC with a little typica sounding groove called Severa that swings with a pachanga beat that is infectious, as this type of talent must be recognized and applauded.
Lastly, I need to add a tribute to my childhood friend Jerry Gonzalez who is cementing his place in the history of Latin music as a true Latin jazz legend. From his new album release, I chose Equipoise.
Abrasos, Dj Bosco
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"Nowadays most DJs play crappy dysrhythmic Bachata on Salsa parties, whether in Berlin or Amsterdam. That´s really annoying and keeps me off the dancefloor! There is nothing like typical Bachatica from the islands of Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico. Only that sound is the essential pure Bachata bailable equally like the legendary Salsa & Mambo soundtrack from New York City. That´s the major reason why I decided to share my Dominican roots and to present some of my favorite Bachata tracks. Includes a bonus merengue track by Aventura. DJs, please make me dance & sweat..." - DJ Dave Take a listen...
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Dear Friends of elWatusi... With my third playlist for I would like to celebrate my 6th anniversary as DJ in Munich. In order to create a unique list for this special occasion, I have selected only songs which, to me, are the true “classics!”Songs which I use to listen to on the radio back in Mexico years ago. These are the songs that made me fall in love with this kind of music. Many thanks, and I hope you will enjoy my beloved songs as much as I do. - Dj David Munoz, Münich
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Hola Salseros. I am very happy to have the opportunity to present a second playlist for elWatusi. This playlist reflects a little bit of the musical evolution which I have undergone the last months. Salsa with electric guitar, solos of bongos or super soneos! But I have always been loyal to my style of Salsa Dura, Classic Salsa and Salsa of the 60’s and 70’s. I present to you a musical selection of tracks which you can find in the repertoire of elWatusi. I know these songs because I listened and danced to them, but these are not songs everybody knows and this is exactly the intention of this playlist; to amplify salsa and not only present what you already know. I really hope you like it ...and be prepared: I have a lot of plans for this year! Que Viva La Salsa Dura - Dj David Munoz
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More stuff that you probably would not have checked out without some pestering from someone like, uh, me. Very cool stuff from ON3, Mono Blanco, The Apples, Auditivom Linear, Leo Ferradas, Papa Wemba and more. A worldwide net that brought in some major delicacies. With an irresistable Lobo y Melon three track groove thrown in for good measure. Enjoy! - elW
Here are four sizzling versions of the classic Abaniquito. Enjoy!
I've based my playlist on songs that I would generally play as part of my DJ sets. The list has a core New York influence, but with a good injection of South American artists, with a couple of modern tracks (from Susie Hansen and Paul Lopez) thrown in for good measure. I like to play Salsa that has a good level of energy, and a good groove to it, with plenty of breaks for the dancers, and have included songs from quite a few of my favourite artists, which include Angel Canales, Ray Perez, Alfredo Linares, Monguito Santamaria, and Hector Lavoe.

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I am very proud of creating a Playlist for elWatusi. This selection of salsa music is just a brief example of my activity as DJ. It is a composition of Salsa Dura, Guaguanco and Chachachá, music with Swing, with Tumbao, with roots. My aim is not to impress people but to share the very best of salsa music and to spread our musical heritage all over the world! Because i don't just love Salsa, I LIVE it! Muchas gracias y Que Viva La Salsa (DURA) !!!

- Dj David Munoz
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"I call this collection 'Salsa Para Los Que Saben' and it is a collection of elWatusi tunes with strong rhythm and swing in each genre from Montuno's, Cha Cha's y Guaguancos..."

Singapore's High Priest of Salsa, DJ Bosco, has assembled an artful Playlist of essential dance material that is comprised of first rate material that spans generations. At the core of this chart are some legendary figures like Ismael Rivera, Tito Rodriguez and Tito Puente. Bosco then takes a few well thought out turns, pulling in tracks from Miami's Edwin Bonilla and New York's Johnny Ray, Willie Torres, and Little Johnny Rivero. And, bless his soul, he's even included one of my all time favs: Félix “Pupi” Legarreta doing the classic "Pare Cochero." Nice work, Bosco!
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Here's a bunch more of tender audio morsels that I bet you wouldn't have bothered to check out without my loving assistance. Here you'll find offerings by The Grits, Jazz Juice, Speedomoeter, Andy Montañez, DJ Kadu, Rosal, Big Marvin, Diesler, DaLeSalsa, and even the Ames Brothers for god's sake. What a motley crew. If you like the track, explore the artist. - elW
Los Angeles, Warsaw, Milano, Marrakech, Amsterdam, Zurich, Basel, Vienna, Munich, Berlin, Hamburg, Bremen, Hannover and Düsseldorf: This is just a quick listing of DJ Dave's intense work as a world renowned and frequently traveling Salsa DJ playing a big bunch of Festivals and club gigs all around the globe.
Beside the influence of contemporary Salsa from New York & Puerto Rico, DJ Dave's trademark is the “Salsa Mambo”, also called "Salsa Dura" or "Salsa Classica" or "Fania Salsa." This music is characterized through hard beats, elements of Jazz and a lot of breaks and improvisations, but always stays danceable.
Dave spends an amount of time in several Salsa online communities using Twitter, Facebook and Soundcloud. Follow him to stay tuned...
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Brooklyn's own Andy Harlow grew up in a musical environment. His father, Buddy Harlow, was an accomplished string bassist and Orchestra leader. By the time he was in High School, Andy was already playing woodwinds professionally in the New York City area. Andy attended New York University where he earned a Bachelor's degree in Music Education and a Master's degree in EthnoMusicology. He also received another type of education by paying his dues as a sideman in the orchestras of Tito Puente, Tito Rodriguez, Ismael Rivera, Xavier Cougat, Machito and Joe Cuba while attending New York University. This eventually landed him a recording contract with Fania/Vaya Records, and a membership in The Fania All Stars super Salsa band. Andy's first LP, "Sopresa La Flauta" contained the monster hit "La Loteria." Three more LP's for Fania produced more hits such as "La Musica Brava", "Tin Tin Deo", "El Campesino"and "No Qe Va a Llorar." 1999 saw the debut of Andy's "La Musica Brava" internet radio show, which can now be heard on Andy's own website. The show attracts a loyal audience of listeners worldwide. Below is Andy's super CHARANGA playlist ...Enjoy!
Andy Harlow Contact Info...
Some very cool stuff from Venezuela's Palacio label has just been made available on elWatusi. Federico, Dimas Pedroza, Wilman Cano and, one that I find extremely interesting, Las 4 Monedas, a vintage pop family group that were pioneers of Venezuelan ska and reggae. Very hip stuff.
Born in Antalya/Turkiye, Deejay Orhun is passionate about his music. He is now living, performing, and diffusing Salsa and Afro-Latin rhythms in Istanbul, a city which is in between Europe and Asia. He is a Dj, dancer, architect and a pro photographer. His passion for dancing and collecting Salsa/Latin music started when he was 20, and specializes in records from 60's 70's through today, especially Venezuelan, Panamanian and Peruvian: Salsa Dura. "Collecting was a passion, so why not play it?" He explains why he got into this music: "There was no salsa, before revolution. My philosophy is to offer that unique feeling that every song has, and reveal; it is a culture from the streets, and it's important to understand its roots." Don't miss his monthly Music!
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I listen to a *lot* of music here in the elWatusi laboratory, and I often stumble upon little nuggets of gold. Here's a recent batch of tracks I like, and you might too. It's culled from the deep, mysterioso, 4th dimension of sound, which is a place where the rules get all stretchy and bendy. - elW
John Child is a music journalist, broadcaster and encyclopedist. He has been a contributor to the Latin music website since 1998. For, John produces and selects the contents of the Latin music radio show Aracataca, presented by Tomek, and hosts the occasional "other Caribbean" show Sugar Jam. Aracataca is the UK's first 100% authentic Latin music radio show, first launched on pirate radio in 1984 by Tomek. John wrote entries on Latin music, salsa, Latin jazz and calypso and soca for both editions of The Penguin Encyclopedia of Popular Music (1989 and 1998; now available on the internet as Donald Clarke's Encyclopedia of Popular Music) and wrote all the Latin entries for the Guinness Encyclopedia of Popular Music (1991). He has written liner notes and prepared compilations for various labels, including Fania / Emusica, Union Square, Nascente and Soundway.
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Pablo Ellicott Yglesias (DJ Bongohead) is a Cuban-American graphic designer, artist, DJ, percussionist, exhibit curator, and writer. His book Cocinando: 50 Years of Latin Album Cover Art was published in 2005 by Princeton Architectural Press. He has written for Latin Beat, Hispanic, Descarga, and Wax Poetics, and was a guest curator for the traveling exhibition "American Sabor" for The Experience Music Project museum, Seattle. In addition he curated the Latin album cover art show "Viva La Música" for Exit Art in New York, NY. He has compiled albums for The Rough Guide, Vampi Soul, Fania/Codigo, and Nascente. He has designed albums for Captol Blue Note, RMM, Vampi Soul and many independent artists.
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DJ EL Chino is not only a DJ, he is also a music producer, promoter and cultural manager. Today he is an all-around talent and a respected figure in the Salsa & Latin Jazz scene worldwide, thanks to his tireless efforts with his website, Solar Latin Club, an important site for Salsa DJs around the world, where he exposes not only the latest releases but also the rarest treasures of Salsa, Son, Mambo and Guaguanco records.
"As DJ, he has held sessions in Germany, Sweeden, Norway, France, Switzerland, Austria, The Netherlands, Belgium, Czech Republic , and his native Cali, Colombia. This year he has already confirmed the 2010 Europe Tour in UK, Portugal, Poland, Bulgaria and in some other countries." - Walboomers, Amsterdam
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This playlist will display the most recent "Featured Today" titles that appear on our homepage. Consider this list a living, perpetually updated, listing of recent highly recommended titles.